21 November 2009

20 November 2009

Hey there! Guess what! I love my new job!! I was super super nervous, but it's been like riding a bike. I mean...I have lots to learn still, but the stuff I've already done (as a student) is coming back pretty quickly. Whew! Such a relief! Turns out I even really like working the night shift. If Kyle were here during the week, I'd probably hate it, but since I don't need to have a life Mon-Fri anyway, it works out pretty well!
Yesterday--er, two nights ago?--all the days are running together, and I can never figure out what time it is--Dad came to work and had "dinner" with me at midnight! I'm sure the people I work with were surprised when a cop came up to the floor and asked for me! I love when he pretends like he's going to arrest me! ;) Anyway, for anyone that hasn't tried the food at the hospital (the kind you can buy, not the stuff the patients eat), it's delicious!!! I totally recommend the fries, though I don't eat them anymore. They're DELICIOUS!!!

13 November 2009

I've decided to stop trying to title my posts.

Yay for almost a week and a half off of work! It's been lovely...lots of catching up with friends, relaxing, cleaning, and yard work--things that I haven't done much of lately. I should take time off more often! :) So, I start at the hospital on Tuesday and I'm so excited! It will be a little scary, I think, but hopefully like riding a bike...cross your fingers for me!
Kyle and I discovered a fun, cheap new place to eat. Check out Pizza Pie Cafe by 24 Hour Fitness in Provo. It's only $7.53 to eat there (and that's with tax!). Beautiful salad bar, pasta, pizza, and this AMAZING dessert bar. Definitely try the oreo dessert...Mmmm...

06 November 2009

Good news everybody! Today started out shaky at work, but ended really well. Made peace with everybody--they're probably still upset at the situation, but I don't think they hate me. Whew! I just went with Dad to get new scrubs...and I bought a new stethoscope! Yay for a new adventure in my life...but especially yay for still being friends with everybody at work!

05 November 2009

Man Boots.

Today I had to tell my boss that tomorrow is my last day because I JUST CAN'T HANDLE IT ANYMORE! Needless to say, she was not happy, and tried to talk me (guilt me) into sta1ying. NO!!! For lots of reasons, including the fact that I gave notice SIX WEEKS AGO...I spent the rest of the day mostly locked in my office. One day down, one to go...

04 November 2009

Um...I fail at keeping a blog! But I wanted to let you know that I got a new job! I'm super burnt out of my current job, and looking forward to a new adventure. I'll be working on the 6th floor (med/surg) at UVRMC. Yahoo!

28 July 2009

Fixin' stuff...

Hey! I fixed my own toilet! The water wouldn't stop running, so I bought some new parts and installed them myself! Go, girl! :)