13 November 2009

I've decided to stop trying to title my posts.

Yay for almost a week and a half off of work! It's been lovely...lots of catching up with friends, relaxing, cleaning, and yard work--things that I haven't done much of lately. I should take time off more often! :) So, I start at the hospital on Tuesday and I'm so excited! It will be a little scary, I think, but hopefully like riding a bike...cross your fingers for me!
Kyle and I discovered a fun, cheap new place to eat. Check out Pizza Pie Cafe by 24 Hour Fitness in Provo. It's only $7.53 to eat there (and that's with tax!). Beautiful salad bar, pasta, pizza, and this AMAZING dessert bar. Definitely try the oreo dessert...Mmmm...


  1. I saw that place, and drove right past it... LOL

  2. maybe I'll go there with Tyson tonight! :) thanks for the recommendation